Unique and Luxurious Will Smith House in Calabasas, California


Will Smith lives with his family in a 25,000-square foot mega mansion in Calabasas, California. This mega mansion is designed by popular and professional architect, Stephen Samuelson. Now, Will Smith is popular as The “Fresh King” of Calabasas, California. The Will Smith house is built with a hundred of expertise like master of plasterers, woodworkers, metalsmiths, and upholsterers.  The main objective, Smith and his family built this home because they want to create a family getaway where they can feel love into building this home.

This mega mansion is located in a confined area in Santa Monica mountain, above Malibu and near Calabasas, California. This accommodation is worth to up to $250 million that comes with number of luxurious amenities inside the home. The interior of Will Smith house is quite unique and beautiful. This mansion is influenced by ancient culture as the main home interior. If you take a look on the front of the house, you will see the front door that resembles the northern India royal entry. For the interior, the house resembles various interpretation of Moroccan, Persian, and Spanish cultures. For the furniture, Smith makes all the furniture customized, and they are specially tailored in order to get a classy look.

This 250-million mega mansion have number of luxurious amenities that will rarely be found in a normal mansion. Will Smith house comes with ZIP codes. It looks this luxurious mansion is not for a home but more than a private resort getaway. This 150 acres are spectacular because this luxurious mansion has several extraordinary amenities. And, these all amenities are the most favorite spot of Will Smith. Here, a full size tennis court, a hidden pool, a beautiful lake, a quaint gazebo, a basketball court, a man-made stone pool are placed and well taking care.

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