Small Luxury House Plans for Building A New Home With Budget


Luxury house is considered to be a lifetime home design that will never go wrong in the upcoming years. Mostly, luxury house has all the newest trends with expensive features. You are planning to build budget luxury house, we have several luxury house plans for you. Our luxury house plans with impressive house plan that features spectacular amenities. So, let’s take a look on the ideas of luxury house.

Hennessey House Plan can be your first choice when you have limited area to build a home. This home takes a land in 3376 square foot. This house plans lets you build a luxury home with two stories. With the house plans, you can establish with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. As one of luxury house plans, this house plans have an oversized garage that can store up to three cars. We also have another house plan called Lady Rose house plan. This home plans only requires 3321 square foot, it looks that the place is limited and narrow. But, this house plan enables you to build five bedrooms and five bathrooms. For the garage, it will accomodate for up to 4 cars.

Salem Place luxury house plans can be your right ideas to build a small but expensive house. The Salem Place is considered to our smallest luxury home plans. You will only need to have a 2998 square-foot. Working with this house plans, you are allowed to have 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. If you are feeling that it is too small for building luxury house, you can expand the space by building second floors. You do not need to worry about garage, this house plans has been included with an oversized garage that stores up to four cars.

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