New Kim Kardashian House Worth Up to $60 Million


Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West had sold their Bel Air mansion in California in November 2017. The mansion sits on 9,000 square foot home that was built with the domination of white and grey color. The Kim Kardashian house was sold to a Ukrainian philanthropist for $17.8 million. The price is nearly double what they have paid for the home. After they sold the home and move to the Hidden Hills, Los Angeles. It is worth for $20 million. So, how does it look like? Find out more below!

The Hidden Hills mansion is surrounding a great landscaping and it has been renovated spending for you to $20 million. Actually, this Hidden Hill mansion has been bought by Kim and Kanye since 2014 but it is abandoned because they lived in Bel Air, California. Accidentally, Kanye West gave fans of their first look inside the Hidden Hill after renovating it on Twitter. And, if you have been keeping up with the Kardashian-West, you may know that this rapper and producers snaps the Kim Kardashian house’s white ceiling before a massive renovation on Twitter.

This Hidden Hills mansion sits on 15,667 square foot with various great features and amenities that you may not probably find in a normal mansion. This house brings a French Country style as the main architecture combined with the domination of white color. There are eight bedrooms with two bathrooms that are in a very large size. Besides, Kim Kardashian house also includes two swimming pools and two barbecue centers where is the right place to hold a party. Two spa rooms, a vineyard, and other luxury amenities are added after the renovation. In addition, Kim and Kanye has lived since January 3018. And it is reported that the $40-million Hidden Hills mansion boosts to the value up to $60 million.

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