Inside Bernie Sander House Will Inspire You Build A Vacation House


Bernie Sander is an American politician that serves as the junior United States Senator from Vermont since 2007. He is a democratic socialist and pro-labor and emphasizes reversing economic inequality. Most of the scholars notice that his view is to be more in line with social democracy. Sander was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1990. After his divorce in 1966 of his first marriage, in 1988 Sanders and Mary Jane O’Meara married. But, here, we would like to explain more about Bernie Sander house.

If you do not know yet about Bernie’s house in Vermont, so get ready to spend a relaxing weekend at Bernie’s vacation house in North Hero, Vermont. Sander bought $575.000 summer house. This house has four bedrooms that all the room faces the lake. Sounds amazing, right? Try to imagine that he will spend his day after working by sitting back in a lounge with his second wife, Jane. The highlight of the Bernie Sander house is an uninterrupted view of Lake Champlain. It sounds that Bernie has lived his best life. This land lies in 1,883 square foot with 500 foot of lakefront space and beautiful view mountains and calm water. This historic home was built in 1920 and fully made from wood which give natural and rustic touches.

This house is really huge, there are five bedroom, more than three bathrooms. You will also find an open kitchen which is the best spot to cook up meals for all the family. Bernie Sander house also have a relaxation space with the screened-in porch facing the lake. An attached guest quarter is also available for hosting the guests. Actually, Sander also have other properties in Burlington, Vermont that was bought for $405,000 in 2009 and a Capitol Hill in Washington, DC that was bought for $488,000.

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